Little Tax & Business Boutique was founded on the desire to help individuals & small business owners build their businesses and help individuals keep more of what they work so hard to make. Our business model is to give our clients exceptional customized packages and advice, that will help them and their businesses succeed.

About Us

Little Tax & Business Boutique was founded in 2016 by Wilma L Eichler as an accounting & tax firm that specializes in small business services and personal income taxes. Our clients receive a customized plan that fits their goals and their budgets, with not only accurate meaningful reports but with a staff of expert bookkeepers, accountants and CPAs, we are insured and bonded and advise our clients to help them make better business decisions and truly "manage" their businesses, which allows them to achieve their business goals and ultimately give them their personal financial freedom.
Imagine having your most trusted advisors that offers expert services with the latest technology on your team.
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Our Services

We offer personal and business income tax preparation and a wide range of business services and customize each plan to fit our client's financial goals & budgets. Whether we do full- service bookkeeping & payroll or they just need a little help with their DOR excise taxes, we help our clients stay on track, avoid costly mistakes and penalties, and help them build their business.
We are there for you, helping you along your journey.
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Our Team

Meet our team of expert bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs, that are insured and bonded. We specialize in the business needs of our clients, and with the education and experience, we are dedicated to help guide our clients, and committed to our pursuit of excellence. By undergoing extensive professional continuing education, using innovative technology, and financial research we are up-to-date on emerging subjects that matter most to our clients.
We are best able to help you become the best in class.
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Our Clients

Our clients represent a wide range of industries, entities, and stages in their businesses. We have helped our clients start up their business, set up their books, train them to use their software, then grow their business and increase their bottom line. Until they can no longer do it all themselves and then help them deal with the growth. Doing their payroll, bookkeeping and taxes while avoiding costly mistakes and penalties, until it stands on its own. Eventually they ask our help to create an exit plan. Identifying the options and helping them weigh the best choices, the tax ramifications of each and the best timing to maximize their benefit. Every step of the way, we are there for them.
In a world short of affordable resources, wouldn't it be nice to have a team of business experts to lean on, someone to turn to and help guide you to financial freedom and peace of mind.
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